Adviser Testimonial

"I have been a member of StandardFA since 2007. Completed my CFP and IFP modules and obtained my licenses from BNM and SC in 2009. It's been a different playing field since becoming a professional. I have no quotas with any product providers and I get to choose the best and value for money plans for my clients. I have powerful investment plaforms, some using open architecture that I work with for investments to help build, complement and enhance my clients' wealth. Through my license, I am able to move my clients' money offshore systematically and legally and help cushion their hard earned money from Ringgit depreciations. The best part is that my clients need not worry about paying tax when they need to bring their offshore money back to Malaysia.

I have acquired an extended family being in StandardFA. It's so important to belong somewhere to feel important, loved and cared for. I have found that in StandardFA. I am able to cross refer, to propose the right investment portfolios and comply to all of Bank Negara Malaysia and Securities Commission requirements because of the teamwork with StandardFA. I would say that StandardFA is teamwork and teamwork is StandardFA. I work with peace of mind knowing that I have people from StandardFA who will alert me if there has been any changes or new regulations set in place. Besides, StandardFA always looks into my compliance needs in my continuous learning efforts to keep abreast with what's new and latest in my industry. Therefore, I am always updated with the latest info for my clients' needs. This is super important because being in the most regulated industry (I think) in Malaysia, I need to be informed and equipped at any one time."

- Bernadette Selvi, Senior Associate | Kuala Lumpur

"I have been passionately practising financial planning since 1998. Over the years, I have realised the need for an independent platform to help me deal with many service providers in order to give client-centred financial solutions. StandardFA came to my mind in 2009 when legislations related to financial planning practice were introduced, simply because of its good platform structure, support and vast network with many service providers. I feel grateful for all these good fundamentals which have supported and allowed me to showcase high quality financial advice to clients. In return, I have achieved 1st Runner-Up and 1st Winner of PlanPlus Global Financial Planning Awards of Asia Region for best financial plan write-up in year 2013 and 2014 respectively. Thank you StandardFA!"

- Gavin Teoh, Advisory & Practice Management Director | Puchong, Selangor

"I joined StandardFA in 2007 as I was impressed with the methodology to serve clients beNer. One, being impartiality in recommending financial products to client. We have most of the financial products on the platform. Two, being able to document the recommendations in detail for the purpose of compliance at the highest level which most financial intermediaries yet to implement in detail. This has helped me in my work especially in taking care of myself should things go wrong. We have written justification at the point of product sales. That is powerful. Impartiality and compliance, the way to go."

- Lawrence Tan, Advisory & Practice Management Director | Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu.

"I joined StandardFA in 2011 after being a life insurance trainer and district manager for 16 years. Personally it’s a dream come true after I qualified as ChFC, CLU & CFP back in 2003. Under one single platform now, I have access to multiple companies’ products in insurance and investment funds. That allows me to OBJECTVELY design financial solutions for my clients’ needs, which I could not do when I was in tied agency environment. The best part is that I DO NOT have sales quota imposed on me even though I am registered with 10 life insurance companies and multiple fund houses."

- Lee Khee Chuan, Advisory & Practice Management Director | Kuching, Sarawak

"I remember my "leap of faith" back in December 2011 to join StandardFA from a bank without knowing much about them, as I was impressed with their professionalism and commitment towards delivering excellent service to clients. Since joining, I have also discovered the friendly and supportive nature of the StandardFA management team, and this has certainly assisted me in adapting to my new environment. Fast forward to 2015, I am still proud to represent StandardFA, if not prouder, as I aim to contribute more to help StandardFA fly ever higher. Together we can!!!"

- Winson Tung, Associate | Petaling Jaya, Selangor

"After joining StandardFA as an FAR, I am able to stay in the industrial forefront by providing comprehensive solutions and choices to my clients to fulfill their multiple financial needs."

- Wong Keng Leong, Advisory & Practice Management Director | Kuala Lumpur

"Being in StandardFA as the financial adviser these past 2 years have helped strengthened my professional advantage in financial product offerings and solutions. It has further enhanced my personal development as a financial adviser in today's economy. I am always motivated by the warm and friendly support provided by the management and fellow colleagues. I am indeed truly thankful for the constant insights as they relentlessness encourage me to stay on the top of my game despite the hard times and the down times. Without their constant support and the display of unity in teamwork, I wouldn't have been able to achieve Top Rookie 2014 in such a short time. Thank you StandardFA for adding value into my career as a financial adviser. For that I am eternally grateful."

- Yvette Tang, Associate | Kuala Lumpur

"My internship with StandardFA and coached by CEO has been an eye opening journey which allowed me to take on more responsibilities. Being involved in dynamic and fast growing company was a privilege. I would like to thank StandardFA for all its contributions in my professional development and being more capable of facing any hurdles thrown at me in the future."

- Wayne Lim Chien Ming, Intership | University of North Carolina Chapel Hill