Our Commitments

Own a lucrative and transferable business asset

Helping you to become a true entrepreneur and excel for the long haul is one of StandardFA’s key objectives. As partner in business, we help you to establish your practice, build your clientele, and most important of all, own a lucrative and transferable business asset through asset-based advisory fee. The more assets based fee acquired the more lucrative and valuable is your business.

Just like your clients, you will want to retire one day or you may decide to migrate. The practice you build throughout the years with StandardFA can be sold or transfer to another fellow adviser, with a handsome valuation, depending on the quality of your assets.

This is the distinctive difference between StandardFA and most distribution channels models in the marketplace.

Become StandardFA Shareholder

One of the key pillars of a successful organization stems from its human capital capability – an ensemble of competent and dedicated pool of talents. We strongly recognise you, along with other stakeholders, the collective efforts and contribution to the success of our company. StandardFA's Advisers Equity Participation Program is purely designed for that purpose.

A performance based share incentive scheme that is uniquely to StandardFA stakeholders allows you to be part of our growth story, and construct a solid and lucrative asset for your retirement plan. Imagine, if you had been the pioneer shareholders of Apple or Google Inc, which StandardFA aspire to become one day, how much will your net worth be?

Continuous Supports and Adviser Development

We understand the need to have complete support and strong systems to withstand the increasing demands of clients. We have a robust backend support that not only focuses on providing you the best, but also displays a keen desire to continuously improve our support levels.

Advisers’ development is an integral part of our business. In StandardFA, we provide you with world class training to help you augment you lifelong practices, and to grow with your clients. Our training will help you to develop your core competencies and skills to become a top notch professional financial adviser.