A Career in Financial Advisory

A career with StandardFA as an adviser will open many doors for your clients and yourself.

  ▶  Would you like to offer customised financial solutions with a multitude of products and services to your clients?
  ▶  Do you agree that the era of products-selling are over?

As an adviser with StandardFA, you have the opportunity to offer your clients customised solutions created with products from a number of major life insurance companies. In addition you can provide to your clients advice in investments as you will have access to a various managed funds or investment assets both in Malaysia and international. Finally you will also be able to help your clients in the areas of estate planning, tax advice etc through our value-adding referral services.

Whether you are an adviser in practice or someone looking at becoming involved in financial planning services, StandardFA provides you with integrated back office support in addition to a comprehensive range of financial products and services to ensure you spend most of your time where it matters most – dealing with your clients.

Ultimately, what this means to you and us - as partner in business:

Your Freedom of Choice

As an adviser with StandardFA you are free to target your own markets, arrange your own schedules and plan for a better future. We let you decide! Feel a great sense of fulfilment when you help clients secure their financial future. You'll be recognised as a successful financial service professional that makes a difference in people's lives.

Our People are our Assets

At StandardFA, our greatest asset is our people. We do not offer you a job, but a career, which will allow you to run your own successful business. We invest time and energy, as well as provide intensive training initiatives to ensure that you have every opportunity to transform yourself into one of our many success stories. Some of our support benefits include:

  ▶  Developing an appropriate business and marketing plan
  ▶  Planning a clear career path to become a practicing adviser or managing adviser
  ▶  Ensuring that you are fully aware of the regulatory rules and best practice standards
  ▶  Continuous professional development and education
  ▶  Providing technical product and strategy advice services to enhance your business
  ▶  Using latest technology to increase productivity and value
  ▶  Organising clients’ seminar and business events

There is no limit to your potential. You are in control of your own success, but you do need the energy, drive and determination to succeed.

Join Us today!

We are looking for people who:

  ✓  Are resourceful and creative
  ✓   Have the drive and ambition to succeed
  ✓   Enjoy meeting and helping people
  ✓   Have a high client focus
  ✓   Are disciplined and able to work independently

If these requirements describe you, then we would really like to speak with you! Click here to enquire.