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At StandardFA, we can help you plan your business future. By listening to your needs, aspirations and ambitions, we will provide you with advice and expertise to enable you to make key decisions, plan for the future and allow for the unexpected.

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Investment Management ▼

Investment Management ▲

StandardFA’s Corporates and Institutions team strives to provide outstanding long-term investment performance and best-in-class service to a diverse client base, which includes state governments, institutions and corporations. Our investment structure leverages the breadth, depth and access of the StandardFA franchise to provide our clients a comprehensive suite of investment management solutions, anchored by our focus on performance and risk management.

Besides the Equity and Fixed Income offerings, that span across the world’s investable markets, currencies and strategies such as ETFs, absolute returns funds, structured notes and others; StandardFA also offers Cash Management Solutions via flexible product range of liquidity funds across multiple fund managers; as well as customized investment mandate accounts for large investors.

Risk Management ▼

Risk Management ▲

Running business in today’s environment is increasing challenging. Possible inherent risks in a business such as properties & machineries, monies, legal suits, or even loss of key personnel are some of the risks that can be transferred with a nominal premium.

StandardFA has the capabilities to give you the peace of mind so that you can focus on key aspects of your business and organisation.

Employee Retention and Pension Schemes ▼

Employee Retention and Pension Schemes ▲

One of the key pillars of a successful organization stems from its human capital – the right ensemble of competent and dedicated pool of talents. However, with increasing mobility plus cross-border opportunities, attracting and retaining the right pool of talents can prove to be challenging. At StandardFA, we fully understand your challenges.

Pension schemes can be one of the effective tools in developing a smarter yet cost efficient mechanism for Employees’ benefit and retention scheme. Pension schemes can be customised with vesting schedule to be in line with the corporation’s long term goals, at the same time, helping employees to accumulate more savings a better retirement. A right structured Pension Schemes may just put you ahead of the Employers market – giving you the edge in attracting and retaining the right talent plus a cost efficient way of managing Employees’ benefits and compensation.

Company Succession ▼

Company Succession ▲

Transferring the management of a company from one generation to the next is a complex procedure that confronts entrepreneurs with wide-ranging challenges. Without a proper succession plan, problems can arise when a partner or shareholder passed on or decide to leave:

  ▶  no clear direction as to how the business is to continue
  ▶  beneficiaries cannot work along with the surviving shareholders
  ▶  beneficiaries are unable to contribute to the business
  ▶  dispute as to the value of business
  ▶  disagree as to how to manage the business
  ▶  beneficiaries may be forced to sell shares at a lower price
  ▶  shares may be sold to competitor, incapable or hostile person
  ▶  beneficiaries cannot get income dividend

Our advisers understand your needs and are familiar with tried-and-tested solutions. With the help of our network of experts, you will gain a clear picture of the potential stumbling blocks in succession planning and how to avoid the above situations for the smooth running of your business, even when you are no longer around.