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The pursuit of dreams is something we all share. Dreams like comfortable retirement, owning a vacation home and putting your children's or grandchildren's through good education. And, of course, there's the dream of leaving a legacy for the generations to come. Our Financial Advisers helps put you on the right track to your financial success, across the spectrum of your life stages, with a customised financial plan.

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Saving for Education ▼

Saving for Education ▲

With education costs rising at a staggering rate, funding your child's or grandchild's education may be more challenging than ever. Our Financial Advisers can help you create a savings and investment plan to help you put your children through a good education for a better future.

You can set up special savings accounts to put away money specifically for their education. A few things to consider as you get started:

  ▶  Where do you want your child to study?
  ▶  How much do you want to save?
  ▶  What are the tax benefits of the account you have chosen?
  ▶  Do you want to save in your name or that of your child?

How Much is Enough ▼

How Much is Enough ▲

A realistic estimate of what it takes to achieve each of your life's dreams requires careful planning, the right strategies and solutions. Whether you are saving for your dream home or beginning to draw down the assets you've accumulated, you need a plan. StandardFA advisers have helped countless number of people define and quantify their needs, wants and wishes and will continue to do so in the years to come.

Saving for Retirement
Creating a retirement plan is a key component of building a solid financial foundation. Our Financial Advisers can help you determine how you want to spend your retirement—and how much it could cost. This analysis will:

  ▶  factor in your current and projected income and assets,
  ▶  uncover potential shortfalls,
  ▶  show you ways to address them.

Our Financial Advisers then helps you build a savings and investment plan that combines your near term objectives with your longer term retirement goals and will walk this journey with you to ensure you are on track as you go along.

Preparing to Retire
As you near retirement, your focus shifts from saving for retirement to funding your retirement. Our Financial Advisers can work with you to adjust your strategy, with a focus on preserving what you've saved and ensuring that the money will be there for as long as you need it.

Our Financial Advisers will review strategies that can help segment your portfolio holdings based on when you are likely to need the funds – so that you have the income you need to meet expenses early in retirement, while the balance of your portfolio remains invested for capital preservation and growth.

Living in Retirement
When you retire, your retirement savings may be the primary source of your income. Our Financial Advisers can offer you sound strategies and guidance to help manage your retirement income and preserve the wealth you've accumulated – for yourself and your loved ones.

Bringing together the multiple retirement accounts you may have into a single account can help you better manage your assets, maximize tax advantages and take timely distributions. At the same time, a carefully considered estate plan can help avoid unnecessary tax burdens and ensure that your assets are distributed to the people and organizations you care about most.

Protecting Your Family, Preserving Your Wealth ▼

Protecting Your Family, Preserving Your Wealth ▲

Pre-matured death, critical illness, property damage — these are just a few things that can jeopardize your savings. Our Financial Advisers can help create a plan to protect your assets from these and other risks. Proper insurance coverage can provide an important measure of protection for your wealth.

Insurance can help protect your loved ones and preserve the assets that you've carefully accumulated over the years. You pay premiums now to provide a benefit in the future.

Proper insurance coverage help provide assurance that, in your absence, critical financial strategies can be executed and personal goals will be met. When used strategically, insurance can help preserve your wealth and, if structured properly, it can increase the size of your estate without increasing your tax liability.

StandardFA has long standing relationships with many top rated insurance companies and offers a wide choice of quality products designed to help you meet your diverse personal and business needs.

Transferring your Wealth ▼

Transferring your Wealth ▲

Your resources allow you to open doors for yourself, those you love and the organizations you support. Effective estate planning can help preserve your assets, reduce taxes paid by your beneficiaries and help unlock opportunities for future generations. Our Financial Advisers will be glad to help you do this review.

A will is a testament to your life's work – it helps ensure that your assets go to the loved ones and causes you care about. Without the benefit of a will, the laws of your state, not you, determine the division and distribution of your property and the Court will decide who will oversee that process.

Trusts can help you accomplish many goals: provide consistent management of your assets in the event of your absence or unfortunate incapacity, be a source of future support for your beneficiaries, fund your charitable intentions, possibly minimize taxes and in certain cases avoid Probate. Trusts may also be established with specific instructions as to the amount and timing of gifts to designated beneficiaries.

Certain assets, such as your EPF and life insurance policies, allow you to select a specific named beneficiary. When you designate a beneficiary, your assets will pass to the named beneficiary at your death, without probate. It saves time on wealth transference to reduce hardships. It is important to coordinate these designations with your will and review these designations regularly.